paremeters: Input voltage: DC4.0 -40V Output voltage range: DC1.25V-37V adjustable Output Current: 2A Output Power: 15W Voltmeter Range: 0 ~ 40V, ± 0.05V error Dimension: 6.1 * 3.4 * 12cm (L * W * H) Output short circuit protection ...

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Feature: Input Voltage: AC 17-26V or DC 17-40V ( Input regardless of positive and negative ) Output Voltage: 12VDC Output Current: 2A Max Total Power: 24 Watt Output interface: outer Diameter 5.5mm, inner core 2.1mm Output polarity: inside...

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Specifications: Module Properties: non-isolated buck module (BUCK) Rectification: synchronous rectification Minimum pressure: 2V Input voltage: 12V/24V (9V-35V) Output voltage: 5V Output Current: 3A Output Power: 15W Conversion...

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Description: Input Voltage: DC 12V(8V-36V) Output Voltage: DC 12V +/- 0.25V Output Current: 5A Output Power: 60W High Conversion Efficiency: 96% Over-Current Protection: 8A Over-Temperature Protection: 150℃ Dimension:...

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Module property: Non-isolated buck module (BUCK) Input voltage: 6-36V Output voltage:1.25-32V continuously adjustable (default 5V) MPPT voltage setting range: 6-36V Output current range: 0.05-5A (default 3A) Turn lights output range:...

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Features: Module Properties: non-isolated step-down module Rectification: Non-Synchronous Rectification Input voltage: 5V-30V Output voltage: 0.8V-29V Output Current: 5A (over 3A should enhance heat dissipation) Conversion efficiency: 95% Maximum...

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