Specific: Input Voltage: DC 4.5-28V Output Voltage: DC 1.3V-25V (step-down mode, the input voltage must be 2V higher than the output voltage) Output Current: 1.5A Output power: 15W maximum Ripple Frequency: About 150Khz Ripple Peak: About...

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Parameters: Input voltage : 10-30V Output voltage: 5.3V Output Current : 12A MAX( Please use it within 10A) 5.5 2.1 main interface which is compatible with 5.5 2.5 Support 12V car, 24V trucks,IPAD 2.4A recognition, Samsung mobile phone,...

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Features: Size: 52mm x 38mm x 15mm(L x W x H ) (with fixed column) Input: 3.5-28V Output: 1.25V-26V Maximum input current 3A Maximum output 3A. Rated input 1A, Output 1A Note: Output voltage independent of input voltage (3.5V-28V...

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Product Parameters: Type: Non- isolated boost module Input voltage: 7-35V Output voltage: 8-50V (Continuously adjustable) Output current: 5A (Max) (Output current is not fixed and depends on the differential pressure between input and...

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Parameters:  Input Voltage: DC 12V (wide range 9-23V)  Output Voltage: DC 48V  Output Current: 2.1A 100W (can load 2.1A for Long-term work, peak MAX 3A.) Ripple: 40MV Conversion Efficiency:>95%  Operating...

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Parameters:  Type: non-isolated step-down module  Input voltage :5-40V (please don't exceed 40V)  Output voltage :1.25-36V (continuously adjustable)  Output current :8A (Max)  Out power: 80W(normal heating); 160W (enhance heat...

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