Sealey Electronic Key Cabinet 100 Key CapacityHeavy-duty construction with twin locking bolts. Simple to operate electronic keypad accepts numbers of between three and eight digits, giving millions of combinations. Three LEDs show security, power...

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Sealey Adjustable Gearbox Support 300kgDesigned to safely support the gearbox on removal and installation from the vehicle. Adjustable saddle gives fine adjustment when aligning the gearbox to the engine. Suitable for any vertical transmission...

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Tidying everything away can become impossible when you run out of cupboard space, but these foldable storage boxes are the perfect solution. Folding flat when not in use, they still have a rigid bottom and sides, so have full shape when opened up....

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Description: Displays current, voltage and capacity (19,999 mAh) Easy to use and practical. Compact and easy to carry, no additional power supply, plug and play. It can easily measure the output voltage of the USB port and the device...

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EXPERT 75 - 120MM CAPACITY THREE LEG OIL FILTER WRENCH - Expert Quality, ideal for use on car and commercial vehicle oil filters. As wrench is tightened the serrated legs clamp around the filter for easy removal. 1/2" square drive with 1/2" sq....

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Wolf Cross Beam Adaptor Garage Trolley Jack 2 Ton Load Capacity The Wolf cross beam adaptor allows extra safety when raising up a vehicle. Technical specification: • Includes rubber covered saddles • Height adjustable • Width adjustable...

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