Buy multi function wire pliers (see VIDEO in ad) crimping tool (for molex jst etc), wire strippers, metric screw cutter. engineer pa-01


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Multi function tool …wire strip, wire terminal crimp (Molex JST etc), bolt cutters (M2-M6 screws). A very high quality Japanese import – Crimping tool – bare terminal crimps (see photo A at the foot of this ad) – insulated terminal crimps (see photo B) – mini & micro crimps (such as JST & Molex …see photo C) Wire Stripper (see photo D) Metric Screw Cutter for M2, M2.6, M3, M4, M5 screws (see photo E) Wire Cutter (see photo F) watch the video here –

  • Watch the video –
  • Wire stripper & wire cutter functionality
  • crimping tool functionality (open barrel & bare terminal types) molex, jst mini crimps etc
  • metric screw cutter (M2, M2.6, M3, M4 M5 & M6)
  • Made in Japan, by a long established precision hand tool manufacturer