Buy ewinever(TM) Gray Car Auto Laptop/Eating Drink Steering Wheel Desk Mount Portable Table


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Portable Steering Wheel Multi Tray
Multi-functional, can be mounted to steering wheel, assistant seat and seat back.
Can be used by driver for food or as a notebook support
Can be used as desk providing convenient place for notebook, grocery food, drink…etc.
can be used by passengers for play station, food, drink or games or homework
easily adjustable multi-position to fit on steering wheel
can just as easily fit on front or back of any other seat
can be used in almost any car.
car laptop multi tray steering wheel or seat back mount new.

  • Hook this tray to your steering wheel – and you’ve got an instant ergonomic desk
  • Light enough to carry, but sturdy enough to support a notepad, lunch, or even a laptop
  • 1.mount on steering wheel 2.mount on assistant seat 3.mount on seat back
  • Tray frame: heat-resistant abs