Buy DROK® DC-DC LM2596 Adjustable Voltage Regulator, 4.5-28V to 1.3-25V Buck Converter Voltage Stabilizer Module, Step Down Converter with Blue LED Digital Display Voltmeter


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Input Voltage: DC 4.5-28V
Output Voltage: DC 1.3V-25V (step-down mode, the input voltage must be 2V higher than the output voltage)
Output Current: 1.5A
Output power: 15W maximum
Ripple Frequency: About 150Khz
Ripple Peak: About 100mV
Dimensions: 62 x 26 x 14 mm
Display Color: Blue
Voltage Meter Accuracy: ± (5 ‰ +1 digit)
Static power consumption: Typical about 20mA
IN+: Input Postive
IN-: Input Negatve
Out+: Output Postive
Out-: Ouput Negative

Input and output voltages can be displayed alternately.
Power state can be freely defined.
With button Off function,
Lower Power consumption.
ON/0FF output Status, High level means output off, Low level means output on. (Note: High level (3.3V),  the maximum output current 5mA.)

Working Mode:
Output voltage mode: boot default display xx.x, LED OFF
Input voltage mode: press button switch to xx.x, LED ON
Alternating mode: press button again input/output voltage Alternately display (3S), press button again switch to output voltage display.
(Please check the picture to see more detail.)

Package Include:
1x DC Converter

  • The input and output voltage can be displayed alternately; boot-up state can be freely defined; with button Off function, lower power consumption.
  • ON/0FF output working status, high electric level means output off, low level means output on. (Note: High level (3.3V), the maximum output current 5mA.)
  • There are three working mode for this product: output voltage mode, Input voltage mode and alternating mode.
  • Boot up refers to output voltage mode by default, LED indicator off; press buttom one time to switch to input voltage mode, LED indicator on; press button again, input and output voltage alternately display for 3s, then press button again, switch to output voltage display mode.
  • There are also the other two modes, which are memory mode and stop working mode.