Buy DROK® Boost/ Buck Converter DC-DC 3.5-28V to 1.25-26V Step Up/Down Voltage Regulator Voltage Transformer Adapted to DIY Solar Panel


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Size: 52mm x 38mm x 15mm(L x W x H ) (with fixed column)

Input: 3.5-28V

Output: 1.25V-26V

Maximum input current 3A

Maximum output 3A.

Rated input 1A, Output 1A


Output voltage independent of input voltage (3.5V-28V input, any value output 1.25V-26V)

Package includes:

1x DC-DC Converter Module

  • Uses LM2596S and LM2577S ICs, you can increase voltage or reduce voltage as needed.
  • Wide range: 3.5-28V to 1.25V-26V step up and down voltage regulation.
  • Clockwise to increase the output voltage; counterclockwise to reduce the output voltage.
  • Small size (52×38×15mm); portable and easy to install.
  • Maximum input/output current is 3A.