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A45 V Belt by DunlopThe classical wrapped Dunlop V-belt is a temperature and oil resistant universal drive belt that has antistatic properties with good power transmission capabilities. It is suitable for both industrial machinery and agricultural equipment.Construction and Features

  • The tensile member consists of a specially treated high strength polyester cord to transmit tensile forces and withstand shock loads.
  • The fabric jacket provides grip and protection against external agents and resistance to abrasion.
  • The belt compound converts tensile forces on the sidewalls into longitudinal forces in the tensile member.Standards
  • Conform to 1S04184, D1N2215 and BS3790, they meet 1S01813 for static conductivity and have an operating temperature range of -30°C – +60°C.Dimension
  • 13mm top width x 8mm deep

    • Pitch length: 1173mm
    • Outside length: 1189mm
    • Inside length: 1143mm