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367L050 Timing BeltThe Medway classical timing belt (synchronous) has a trapezoidal tooth profile providing a positive drive by the meshing of belt teeth with the grooves of a relating timing belt pulley. It has a wide range of applications from typewriters to heavy industrial machinery.Construction and Features

  • The glass fibre tensile member provides high strength to transmit tensile forces and withstand shock loads withvirtually no stretch.
  • The abrasive resistant cover protects the teeth when in contact with the pulley and helps to reduce noise.
  • The meshing of the teeth prevents belt slip and speed variations, thus ensuring perfect synchronisation and positivedrive.Standards
  • Conform to 1S05296, they meet 1S01813 for static conductivity and have an operating temperature range of -25°C – +100°C.L Section timing belt – 3/8inch pitch (9.525mm)

    • Width: 1/2inch
    • Number of Teeth: 98
    • Length: 36.7inch
    • Length – MM: 932.18mm