two 3m length heavy duty insulated jump leads with fully insulated crocodile clips. Red and Black for distinction between positive and negative terminals. 3m length600AmpSuitable for all seasons.RoHS...

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Tool-Tech Emergency Car Jump Start - NEWThe emergency car jump starter is designed for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder petrol powered cars, light trucks and SUVs that use 12 Volt electrical system.It is small enough to store anywhere in your car, even if that...

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These Faithfull 3 metre x 16mm² Jump Leads (Booster Cables) are an essential piece of equipment for every car. The cables have a tough PVC insulated coating and feature fully insulated connector ends for extra safety by reducing the risk of...

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If your car always runs out of battery when you need it most, now you won't need to worry anymore thanks to the Xtra Battery car jump starter! This emergency battery booster is an auxiliary car battery that will get you off the hook...

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This very versatile jumpstarter has the ability to start your vehicle, pump up your tyres and light a dark area if you stuck out on the country roads. With 900Amp peak power and 400Amp boost power; this booster pack gives you ample power to start...

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AAJ's Branded Trade Quality 800amp 6 Meter Long Jump Leads - NEW. A professional set of leads rated to 800amp and 6 meters in length. A heavy duty set of jump leads designed every day use for garages. With rating amps of 800 means these are...

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