Buy ZFE® 600W 12A Constant Current/Voltage 12-60V To 12-80V Dc Car Power Converter Battery Charger Led Driver Regulated Laptop Power Supply


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Module Parameters:
Quiescent Current: 15mA (when 12V step up to 20V)
Output Current: 12A Max. (over 10A,please enhance heat dissipation.)
Constant current range :0.1-12A
Output power: = Input voltage * 10A, if need more output power, such as need the output to 15A,
two modules can be used in paralle, the current of each module can be adjusted to 8A.
Conversion efficiency: Up to 95%
Operating Frequency: 150KHz
Operating temperature: -40 to +85 ¡ãc
Overcurrent protection: Yes (if the input exceeds 17A, automatically reduces the output voltage)
Short-circuit protection: Yes (20A input fuse,double short-circuit protection.)
Output feeding back protection:Yes (for charging,the separate output diode is not required.)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection:None (If need please install diode at the input port )
Installation: two 3mm screws
Connection: terminals, solderless
Dimensions: 76mm x 60mm x 56mm
DIY a regulator power supply,
The power supply for electronic equipment.
Used as a car power supply, Power supply for laptop,PDA, or other digital products
DIY a laptop mobile power supply
Solar panel regulator
Batteries charger
Driving high-power LED lights.
For battery charging, the need to battery is fully discharged,then connected to the output,
and then adjusted to the desired current. Because the more the battery remaining, the smaller the charge current.
When the Input voltage rang of 9-12VDC (short circuit method), under this state, the module circuit can not be adjusted.
Package Included:
1x Boost Converter Constant Current Module

  • Module Name: 600W boost constant current module, non-isolated
  • Input/output Voltage 1 : 12-60VDC (default range, for wide input voltage range applications)
  • Input/output Voltage 2 : 9-16VDC (for 3 lithium battery and 12V battery) , please do not overrange
  • Input Current: 16A MAX. (over 10A,please enhance heat dissipation,such as a 5cm cooling fan)
  • Output Voltage : 12-80VDC (continuously adjustable),default output: 19VDC