Buy Yato professional external circlips retaining rings assorted 300 pcs (YT-06880)


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Yato professional external circlips rings set 300 pcs. Set include:20x 3mm, 10x 4mm, 15x 5mm, 25x 6mm, 15x 8mm, 20x 10mm, 15x 11mm, 15x 12mm, 25x 13mm, 15x 14mm, 20x 16mm, 25x 19mm, 15x 20mm, 20x 22mm, 15x 25mm, 15x 26mm, 10x 28mm, & 5x 32mm (See fifth picture for box contents). We can provide UK vat invoice on request.

  • Assorted external circlips rings 300 pcs
  • Packed in plastic organizer for storage and transportation
  • Set include sizes up to 32 mm