Buy Secur 4 in 1 compact auto emergency escape tool – Pin window breaker, Seatbelt razor cutter, High power 3 LED 2 modes flashlight, Multi-function all in one car necessity


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A must have in every car/truck/bus to keep you and your family safe!!

The multi-function auto emergency tool has all you needs to keep you safe on the road, with its compact design its convenient to keep in your glove comportment,
3 LED flashlight when you’re in a dark area, Flashing 3 LED emergency light to advise others of your location , window breaking tool and seatbelt cutter, without any batteries or plugs involved,

Product Features:
* 9 lumens 3 LED flashlight
* 2 modes light, ON or Flashing
* Seatbelt Recessed cutter
* Window glass breaker
* Powers with Built in dynamo charger
* Compact size 4 inches only

Product Specifications:
After only one minute cranking
      *10 minutes lighting time
      *60 minutes flashing time
After a full charge
      *80 minutes lighting time
      *7 hours flashing time

  • High power 3 LED flashlight lights your way, also can work as a flashing light to alert others of your location;
  • Stainless steel emergency breaking pin automatically deploys when pressed against side or rear window for glass breaking
  • Emergency Sharp seatbelt Recessed Razor Blade cutter, frees both driver and passengers if seat belts do not unlatch
  • This tool recharges with dynamo power created by generating dynamo power with the built in hand crank
  • Compact sized with soft rubbery finishing makes it easy and comfortable to carry in your cars glove compartment,