Buy Safedeals365 22-2WMA-Y6DO Common Fuel Rail With 2000 Bar High Pressure Gauge & High Pressure Pipes


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Delphi spherical fuel rail fitted with a high pressure gauge – 2000 bar / psi. Complete with high pressure pipes, rail outlet closing adapters and high pressure gauge special adapter. To be used directly on common rail engines at site on car / truck, or can be used on diesel pump test benches for monitoring system / rail pressure. Pressure gauge description: heavy duty, stainless steel body, 6 inch dial, glycerin filled, dual scale high pressure gauge with ranges 0 – 2000 bar and 0 – 30000 psi. The gauge also comes fitted with the special rail – pressure gauge adapter. The gauge is used to constantly monitor the system / rail pressure. The spherical delphi fuel rail has 1 inlet port for connection from the high pressure common rail pump to the fuel rail and 4 outlet ports to connect to up to 4 common rail injectors simultaneously. The dimensions of the 2 h.p. Pipes supplied are: length – 500 mm (1 x m12 – m12 nuts & 1 x m12 – m14 nuts)

  • Common fuel rail with 2000 bar high pressure gauge & high pressure pipes
  • Common fuel rail high pressure gauge
  • High pressure gauge