Buy Leknes Wireless Burglar Alarm GSM Magnetic Door Alarm Home Security Magnetic Sensor Voice sensor Detector Anti-theft Alarm Door Alarm Window Alarm for Household Monitoring Car Automobile Monitoring With Voice Monitoring and Free Remote GSM Location Functions (Black)


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1.Open the house’s rear cover to insert a SIM card as instructed.A quick flash 3 times about 20 seconds later,the GSM host is ready for work.

2.For the first phone,please sending message”00000″to initialize.

3.Binding the phone number.sending”111″to the SIM card.(it will reply you with a message if binding succeed).

Note:You can bind up five master number is bound to send the second 222(in case of emergency can’t get through the first one number, it’ll return the second number,followed by cycle,until after not get through binding of the phone.Successfully playing binding of the phone).

4.Calling the GSM intelligent alarm to test whether connected.

Function Setting

Send 0005 start magnetic sensor alarm,when the door was opened or closed,the alarm report to the sender by SMS or call;

Send 0006 stop magnetic sensor alarm.

Send 0001 start voice sensor alarm,when sound around,the alarm will report the sender by SMS or call;

Send 0002 stop voice control.

Send 777**Change the sound sensor burglar alarm delay time that is made to alarm 77705,said from the last sound the alarm after alarm within 5 minutes longer notify the owner.

Send LBS report the alarm location map link.

Send 8881 the alarm mode will change as send SMS first and then call.

Send 8882 the alarm mode will change as only call.

Send 8883 the alarm mode will change as send SMS only.

Send 999 inquiries intelligent alarm system alarm status.(When you forget to set your alarm system to function,you can send this command to confirm).

Send 00000 when restoring the factory Settings.

Operating frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Battery: lithium polymer 500mah

Standby time: 7-15 days

Size: 8.3×3.7×1.0cm

Package Contents: 1 x door/window alarm

1 x plate for the door/window frame

2 x Velcro pads

1 x USB charging lead

1 x small but very good user manual

  • Magnetic only by the military quality GMS modules with magnetic sensor alarm function.
  • Support free remote positioning, widely used in household Sequoia Company factory warehouse monitoring, vehicle monitoring car.
  • 4 band universal 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ, no distance limitations. (Does not support CDMA).Small size, clear voice, long standby time, simple operation, remote control.
  • For use in homes, factories, companies, warehouses, car, drawers, safe anti-theft.
  • Note: The device will start when you insert SIM card. Please inserted the SIM card when charge. The new machines need to be recharged 3-4 hours when first time used . Please use our distribute charger to protect main engine.