Buy JCM-30i Convex unbreakable traffic mirror, diameter 30cm (12″), for road safety and shop security with adjustable wall fixing bracket


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The JCM-30i convex security mirrors are suitable for outdoor traffic applications and indoor use in shops to prevent theft. They can also be placed in locations that there is high risk of vehicle conflicts from blind corners and generally in places with limited visibility. Polycarbonate lens stands to impacts, practically not breaks, has excellent reflection properties and does not scratch as easily as acrylic one. A special aluminum profile applied around the mirror offers increased strength and durability. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each polycarbonate mirror is well protected by a removable masking on the front. This masking should remain in place to protect the mirror during all phases of installation and only be removed once installation is complete. The 30cm dameter mirror ensures visibility at a distance up to 6m.

  • Convex mirror provide a field of vision of up to 160 degrees with a wide-angle view.
  • Long lasting, lightweight, simple to install, cost-efficient and maintenance-free.
  • Convex mirrors let drivers see around a corner, especially at car parkings and garages.
  • As surveillance system in shops and kiosks helps to improve security and offer theft potection.
  • It is used anywhere additional safety is required providing a wider field view than a normal mirror.