Buy CoastaCloud 5 in 1 Multifunction LED Flashlight Torch Car Safety Hammer Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Car Survival Tools


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Multifunctional automotive tools, the main function :
1, Flashlight/LED light/LED torch , emergency use;
2, Tire pressure table, ensure proper tire pressure, prevent puncture to ensure road safety;
3, Life-saving hammer/Glass-breaker, escape use;
4, Army knife, scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, etc., emergency use
5, seat belt Scissors

1. automotive tire pressure measurement at idle.
2. Press the “ON” boot, it automatically resets “0.0.”
3. The tire pressure of the gas nozzle aligned with automotive tire valves and pressed into (you must first remove the tire valve cap) and can not leak, and maintained until a stable measured value after the release.
4. The measured value will be for about 90 seconds, and then automatically switches off the display.
5. Long press (press and hold) “ON” button for 3 seconds to force shutdown.
6. This product has Three units of pressure measurement modes: PSI (pounds force / square inch), BAR (Pakistan), KPa (kPa). Repeatedly pressing the “ON” button to switch.
7. Slide the slide switch to the appropriate position can find open LED lights and flashlights

100% Brand New
Material: ABS Stainless Steel
Measuring temperature: 30 – 122 degrees Fahrenheit (0-50 degrees Celsius)
Measuring range: 3-150PSI

Measurement error: Power by: 2 AAA batteries (NOT included)

Package includes:
1 X Multifunction tire gauge safety hammer

  • 3-Mode tire gauge: PSI, BAR, KPA (3 to 150 PSI)
  • ncludes LED flashlight & red LED light ; Blue backlit display
  • Multitool – pliers, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, seat belt cutter, and glass hammer
  • Portable tool, useful emergency survival tool