Buy 6 Litre Syphon Hand Pump Diesel Oil Fuel Water Transfer 6L Extraction Fluid Extractor


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6 Litre Syphon Fluid Extractor Hand Pump Diesel Oil Fuel Water Transfer 6L Extraction 70118

Novel device that both sucks & stores extracted liquids.
Suitable for fuels, water, oils & many other liquids.
Removes: Oil from vehicles, lawn mowers, motorbikes, hydraulic reservoirs without draining, simply insert the suction pipes in the dipstick hole.
Water from bunded fuel tank cabinets, fish tanks, bilges otherwise inaccessible areas. Fuel spillages from bunded tanks/fill point cabinets.
Can suck fluid up direct from the ground.
Supplied with suction probes to fit most applications.
Lightweight & portable.
When full, remove top plug to pour out the contents.
6 litre capacity (Sucks up 6 litres in 2½ mins
Complete with 2 suction hoses.
1 x 1.3Mtr x 8mm
1 x 1Mtr x 5mm

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