Buy 50mm 10m Exhaust Heat Wrap Protection Manifold Shield – Graphite Tape


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Our protection tape is heat resistant up to about 1.200 °C. The heat protection tape is well known from motor sport where is used to protect car bodies or cable lines against hot downpipes or exhaust parts! Another big advantage is that the engine compartment (engine bay, underhood area) is not that strong heated up and for example the intercooler can function while cold and the engine is provided with cold air giving you much more power than with warm intake – a performance PLUS without CHIPTUNING!

What is special about this ceramic heat protection tape ?

Quite simply, you receive short tapes cuts in industrial quality (graphite fabric), the advantage is quite clear that you protect your car body parts and framework against unwanted heat radiation, this is often necessary, if you install fan-type exhaust pipes because they need a bit more space than serial manifolds. Starters, alternators and other equipment should be protected against heat radiation from the exhaust manifold. This extends their lives and saves money! For this reason, the graphite wrap is about 2 mm thick and 50 mm wide, so it absorbs as much heat as possible and avoids dispensing it to the surroundings!

The black graphite tape is specially woven and for this reason very little heat is conducted to the surroundings. It stands out less than the ceramic tape.

The tape is not self-adhesive, as glue would not resist the high exhaust temperatures and the tape would have to be re-wrapped after 10 minutes of driving. The initial part of the heat protection wrap is fixed, for example, with a stainless steel wire and then the band is wrapped around the exhaust parts, and eventually at the end and between both ends again stainless steel wire should be used to fix, then that’s it all – the simple assembly is finished!

  • Resistant up to 1200°C.
  • Heat protection tape is well known from motor sport.
  • To protect car bodies or cable lines against hot downpipes or exhaust parts.
  • Material thickness: 2.0 mm, width: 50mm